Peter Kraus would consider becoming next Bachelor - still seems like a lock

Thursday, 10 Aug, 2017

Look at the recent graph over at FiveThirtyEight and you can see that Peter has dominated the camera time since the jump.

The Bachelorette season finale aired on Monday evening, and after months of secrecy, fans finally saw who Rachel Lindsay chose to marry-Bryan Abasolo! "Going through it, I felt Bryan was flawless for me".

Peter Kraus may not have won Rachel Lindsay's heart on The Bachelorette, but he's still grateful for the experience. "It was one of the only actors that ever made me cry on set". She attended Dallas First Baptist Academy, where she played on the women's basketball team and ran track.

Seriously, Bryan's proposal took all of a few minutes whereas Peter and Rachel's indecisive back and forth drama took up a good portion of the show. He admitted that there's still some inner turmoil to resolve about how things shook out on The Bachelorette, as well as his recent reunion with Rachel Lindsay, an experience he says left him feeling "very isolated and alone". Rachel, likely because of her lawyer background, knows how to give enough, but not too much, away.

The ABC star has quickly come under fire from viewers for breaking up with Kraus the night before Abasolo got down on one knee.

As fans of the series can recall, during the finale, Kraus had a heated moment with Lindsay, where he told her to "go find someone to have a mediocre life with". Instead, America had to suffer through nearly twelve episodes focused on a woman making bad decisions in her romantic life all for a diamond ring with sprinklings of racial drama in the background to add tension. I can't imagine what she has to go through. "So when I got out of the limo, that was actually the third time seeing her". She remained authentic and compelling, even while challenging some people's notion of who a black woman could and should choose to love. She might seem happy and content but there's a good chance, better than most really, that she'll end up ditching Bryan and giving Peter a second chance.

"I was disappointed with the guys tonight, and I don't really know how to handle it". I run to the situation that's more hard for me.

Before breaking things off with Kraus, Lindsay also eliminated Eric Bigger, the only black contestant of her three finalists, during the triple hour. "In this world, in this experience, you have to take a leap of faith".

PETER KRAUS: I still care about you deeply to this day.

BRYAN ABASOLO: I was in love with you when I proposed to you on top of that castle in Spain. It's a bummer, but ultimately I think it's true.

"My fear is that, OK, you don't propose and I agree to just date you and be committed to you".