Solar eclipse glasses available at libraries on August 21

Sunday, 06 Aug, 2017

It will show you what the eclipse will look like from your location. Look for it to be near the moon during the evening of the 29th. And be careful of phony eclipse glasses that are flooding the market.

On Aug. 21, the continental United States will be treated to its first total solar eclipse in 38 years. When this happens, the Sun's light is intercepted by Earth, and stopped from reaching the moon's surface, thereby covering all or part of the Moon with the outer part of its shadow. There are plenty of places where you can buy eclipse sunglasses - here are some NASA guidelines for making sure they are safe - but there are also sites giving away eye protection free. The damage, which appears as blurry spots in the field of vision, may be temporary, but very well could be permanent, according to

Only use certified solar eclipse glasses to view the eclipse in Coos County.

"We're going to get a partial eclipse, so it won't be completely dark this time around", she said. But you can check NASA's full list of reputable suppliers here. It's on there that teachers (or anybody, really) can download lesson plans to teach about the solar eclipse, which includes video explanations created for children. The task force is comprised of more than 100 organizations including cities, schools, parks, tourism groups and businesses who meet monthly at the Saint Louis Science Center. And the key to observing the eclipse safely and successfully is having the right tools at your fingertips.

The PAG-ASA website cites that the phenomenon will occur on August 7 at 11:50 p.m., Philippine Standard Time.

This weekend they're hosting a "Science Saturday" that will focus on what the eclipse is and why they're so rare.

Homemade pinhole projectors can also be used to view the eclipse (Accuweather projector) as well as cardboard or box viewers.

DSC will have a solar telescope set up on the quad on August 21 so that people can safely watch the eclipse.