GOP senator is latest to oppose health bill

Sunday, 25 Jun, 2017

"It's going to be very hard to get me to a yes", he said, noting that conservative Republican senators would likely be reluctant to add spending back to the measure.

"As we heard (Sen.) Rand Paul say earlier, we need to legalize low-priced insurance again", Sen.

In a press conference with Nevada governor Brian Sandoval today, Senator Dean Heller joined his colleague Susan Collins in taking a very negative, and possibly irreconcilable, position on the Senate version of the American Health Care Act.

Sen. Susan Collins of ME reiterated her opposition to language blocking federal money for Planned Parenthood, which many Republicans oppose because it provides abortions.

"He's more engaging, which means he has more personal relationships", said No. 2 House Republican Kevin McCarthy of California.

The Senate's plan, like one passed by the House of Representatives, rolls back numerous provisions of Obamacare, including taking deep cuts from Medicaid program.

Counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway said to reporters that she doesn't want people to worry and added that there are more benefits to the republican health care plan then people may be aware of.

Donald Trump's bull-in-a-china-shop approach to the presidency hasn't helped him notch significant victories on Capitol Hill over his first five months in office.

It would, he said, cost millions of people their insurance. For example, an 60-year old earning $42,000 a year pays no more than 9.7% of his or her income towards their insurance premium. Since its inception more than 50 years ago, the program has been funded as an entitlement for anyone who qualifies.

Despite its precarious future, the Affordable Care Act helped further the truth that health care is a human right.

Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss., said the White House needed to "get this health care thing done one way or the other" so it could move forward.

Congressional Republicans have vowed since its introduction in 2010 to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. "Congress should go back to the drawing board in an open, transparent and bipartisan fashion to craft a bill that works for all Americans", he said through a spokeswoman. "We are not fixing Obamacare".

Republicans face a daunting public-relations campaign to sell the legislation, which is expected to reduce or eliminate insurance coverage for millions of Americans.

"We live in the wealthiest country on earth".

"The Medicaid cuts are the part of the Senate bill that probably give us the most heartburn", Moller said.

Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said Friday that he doesn't think lawmakers have had enough time to review the Senate Republicans' Obamacare repeal bill.

IHA also strongly opposes changing Medicaid to a capped funding model, which would cut federal funding and harm health care for all Illinoisans.

He did not hold back his criticism of the Senate bill, and his concerns on the Medicaid cuts ranged from their impact on special needs schools to their effect on substance abuse programs.

"This can turn a manageable condition into a life-threatening and expensive emergency", the group said in a statement Thursday. His home state has taken advantage of federal funds to expand its Medicaid rolls: As of March, more than 630,000 Nevadans had enrolled for Medicaid coverage, nearly double the number of enrollees who signed up in the state before Obamacare, according to data compiled by the Kaiser Family Foundation.