General Election 2017: Dugdale 'thinks and hopes' Labour can win

Friday, 19 May, 2017

While party leaders across the spectrum set about picking apart Corbyn's commitments, none seem to have as big an issue with Labour's policies on revamping Britain's decaying pub industry as the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

The Aberdeen Labour group signed a formal agreement to help form a new administration for the city, leaving the SNP in opposition despite it being the biggest party.

Theresa May remains on course for a major victory on June 8, with the Conservatives unchanged on 49 per cent and Labour climbing from a rock-bottom 26 to 34 per cent.

"I don't think manifestos - policies - matter that much", he said.

Other pledges made, ahead of the upcoming election on 9 June, include more regulation for commercial fostering agencies, strengthening mandatory reporting duties and continued support for all current social work education routes, including fast-track options.

"The manifesto, largely in line with what was said in a draft version that was leaked on 11 May 2017, states: "[We] will halt pharmacy closures and review provision to ensure all patients have access to pharmacy services, particularly in deprived or remote communities".

"I wouldn't be fighting so hard if I didn't believe Labour has a chance to win, and a very good one", said the 39-year-old.

In the Manifesto, Corbyn makes a number of tax pledges including plans to lower the threshold for income tax from £150,000 to £80,000 and a 45 pence income tax rate for those on more than £80,000 and 50 pence for earnings over £123,000.

The candidates for Pudsey constituency are Stuart Andrew for the Conservative Party, Bob Buxton for the Yorkshire Party, Ian McCargo for the Labour Party, Allen Nixon for the Liberal Democrats and Independent candidate Michael Wharton.

He was speaking after Labour published its general election manifesto setting out plans for new homes, better rail and bus services and £250 billion investment in infrastructure over 10 years, which Labour says will boost the economy.

"It will lead us through Brexit while putting the preservation of jobs first", he said.

Labour's support is more "soft" than Tory support - four in 10 Labour backers might switch, a third of those to the Conservatives. It also drew a line under its vacillation over immigration, saying it accepts that the free movement of European Union nationals to Britain would end after Brexit.

She argued that in Edinburgh South - the only Scottish seat won by Labour in the 2015 general election - it is Labour alone who can defeat the SNP.

However, the Unite leader did not rule out victory completely, saying Labour was "fighting for every vote" and praising Mr Corbyn's performance in the campaign.