Instagram Face Filters Go Live

Wednesday, 17 May, 2017

Yes, they work in the same manner as they do in Snapchat.

Snapchat has leaned heavily on its selfie filters as a distinctive feature unique to the messaging network.

Continuing to steal directly from Snap's playbook, Facebook is adding "face filters" to Instagram.

Go ahead. Show your Instagram followers what you're made of. Akin to Snapchat, Facebook also recently debuted a camera with which users can add all sorts of silly filters and editing effects to pictures and video.

Instagram added: 'Tap a filter to try it on, and keep an eye out for ones that work with a friend. So make sure you pull your friend into the viewfinder for an epic selfie. For instance, Instagram's face filters can make you look like a koala or a rabbit, while some of Snapchat's past lenses can put a flower crown on your head or make it look like you're puking rainbows. This will launch the face filter screen, which includes a bottom tray where you can select the initial eight filters from.

You can check out this video below to see all these new features in action! This is ideal for moments where a normal forward playing video just doesn't cut the mustard.

"Drop a microphone and watch it fly up into your hand". "Defy the laws of physics wherever you are", the blog post read. However, you might be wondering where is the hashtag sticker in Instagram stories - and if you are, you're in luck: Here's how you get to it.

More context can also be added to an Instagram Story starting today with hashtag stickers. Swipe right or tap the camera icon in the top left to open the Stories camera.

It seems unlikely that Instagram's new filters are going to steal away any Snapchat users, but that doesn't seem to be the point of Facebook's efforts. Instagram users can now fill their entire pictures with a solid color and then use the eraser brush to clear out the paint and let users see through, just like drawing in a dirty auto windshield, but with style. Then use the eraser to remove color wherever you see fit.