United Airlines defends banning girls from flight for wearing leggings

Friday, 07 Apr, 2017

Twitter user Shannon Watts, who was on the same Sunday flight as both girls, reported that the duo were asked to change or "put dresses on over" their leggings before entering United's aircraft. According to the airline company, the rule 21 of the contract of carriage stated that the company has the right to refuse transport for passengers.

"Gate agent for flt 215 at 7:55".

More on the story ... The other two girls boarded a later flight after finding a change of clothes.

Although United did specify Sunday on Twitter the girls were "pass riders", it initially didn't say they needed to adhere to a different dress code than other passengers.

American Airlines has a dress code for employees who are flying as well as pass travelers.

In an official response, United Airlines assured that the rule ONLY applies to those taking advantage of employee benefits (known as "pass riders").

They later clarified that the girls in question were "pass travelers or travelers flying on comped or discounted tickets", typically reserved for employees and their family members. "Just a top as a dress", declared model Chrissy Teigen in one tweet.

Despite the fact that this practice may be commonplace among airlines, some are still criticizing the policy as outdated and sexist. They defended their position, stating that for regular customers leggings are welcome, but for pass travel privilege a dress code is in place. In a series of later tweets, they said that "Casual attire is allowed as long as it looks neat and is in good taste for the local environment". Since the girls were not paying customers, they were seen as representatives of United Airlines. "They wear yoga trousers all of the time when flying".

In fact, many took to the social media outlet to voice their opposition to the airline's policy. One of the benefits of working for an airline is that our employees are able to travel the world.

Sarah Silverman vowed not to fly United after the leggings ban.

Watts was travelling on vacation to Mexico when she heard a family next to her panic.